Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trail City, U.S.A.

A slide across a slip n' slide is how Zeth Patterson, 8, cools off on a hot day in Bridgeport, Nebraska on July 6th, 2009.

Photos and story by Kyle Bruggeman

July 7th, 2009, Bridgeport, Neb: Located in the panhandle of Nebraska, Bridgeport is the county seat for Morrill County. Founded in 1900 the city contains much history as it has seen the Oregon, California, Morman, and Sidney-Black Hills Trails, as well as the Pony Express. Which gave the city its rightful name of "Trail City, U.S.A."

Today it contains a wonderful group of people who, like most small towns and cities in Nebraska, care very much for each other and their community.

Jack Burg has been the mayor for seven years and is proud of how his city has a thriving school system, a multitude of social events and people he considers "loyal."

The towns economy is mostly agricultural and is doing well for itself. Bridgeport Ethanol LLC is doing well for itself and through smart management is able to produce forty percent of its own power.

Through and through the city has survived much of American history, and it seems intent on keeping it that way.

George Post M.D., 89, sits in his home in Bridgeport, Nebraska with a commemorative Theodore Roosevelt .30-30 rifle. Post has contributed much to his community as a doctor and has donated land for the local baseball field.

Rick Parker, 56, works as a bus driver and organizer for Camp Rock, a summer bible school program that started in 1946.

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