Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alliance: Carhenge

Story and photo by Bruce Thorson

July 14, 2009, Alliance, Neb: As I've journeyed across Nebraska I've mentioned to Nebraskans that I planned on shooting a photograph of Carhenge for this project. Most just rolled their eyes and commented that they didn't take it seriously as an attraction worth visiting.

Given the state of the auto industry, I thought it appropriate.

I had photographed it about six days earlier, right after the full moon. I wasn't happy with the picture I made at that time.

I wanted to return but the weather wasn't cooperating. I wanted to photograph it at night, using a long exposure (this one was about 45 minutes) to get the stars to move across the sky.

Finally, the weather report called for a clear sky. This one of two photographs I made.

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