Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bridgeport: Rodeo up!

Marce Vasquez (left) and Jack Wagoner pause during the national anthem before the start of the rodeo. Both men are Morrill County deputy sheriffs. Vasquez is a retired rancher and Wagoner still does some ranching. About the economy and the measures to fix it Wagoner said, "We're getting more socialism and that scares me. We're losing our sovereignty."

All photos by Bruce Thorson

July 4, 2009, Bridgeport, Neb: It was rodeo time!!!

During the saddle bronc riding, the cowboyys line up to watch the other riders coming out of the gate and taking a few snapshots of their own. With these cameras that now have video capability, the riders use the video to view, critique and improve their ability to ride.

Steve Richards and Tess Smith run to break up the snuggling between Aly Rocha and her boyfriend Trevor Smith. All are from Scottsbluff. Tess is Trevor's mom.

Brady Cross (right) takes a moment to compose himself before his ride in the saddle bronc event. Brian Green (center) was wondering why Cross was being so nervous before his event.

Garet Groshans finished watching one rider in the saddle bronc event and looks to see who is next up.

Robert Liska uses oxygen to help him breathe. He's been a rancher and a farmer all his life, and he rode in the rodeo from 1956 to 1976. His events were bareback, saddle bronc and bull riding. His career in agriculture, breathing grain dust, dirt dust, fertilizer and pesticides have made it difficult for him to breathe.

Kensie Hill (left), Ashley Green, Chelsi Lemmon, Brythny Hagerman, Sara Aschenbrenner and Nicole Houston enjoyed the antics and the performance of the rodeo clown.

Riders tried to put a saddle on a horse during the wild horse racing event.

additional photos by Kyle Bruggeman

A moment of reflection for Jeremy Hanson, 20, as he waits to compete in bareback riding event.

Logan Allen, 22, prepares for his bareback riding competition by practicing his arm placement. Mental readiness is of upmost importance for these riders.

After the rodeo a dance was held in the accompanying building. Lonnie Mead, 21, (left) shows his moves with Terri Bossart, 19, while the band played a modern country music song.

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