Sunday, July 12, 2009

A night at the drive-in

A thunder and lightning storm moved in on the drive-in moviegoers. Rain fell periodically through the two shows but not often enough to force people to leave.

Story and photos by Bruce Thorson

July 11, 2009, Alliance, Neb: I saw the sign by the highway out of the corner of my eye: Drive-in Movie. I could not remember the last time I was at one, or even remember the last time I past one.

I had to check it out.

I drove in through the exit. The entrance gate was locked and the exit gate was open. It made sense to me.

Inside the concession stand, in a room off to the side where the movie projectors resided, there was Gerald Bullard, the owner, spooling up the next movie: A Night at the Museum.

I explained the project. And there it was again, that Nebraska friendliness and hospitality.

Gerald explained that the drive-in was built from the ground up in 1991, and he claims it is one of two drive-ins in Nebraska.

About the economy and his drive-in he said, "We are open two nights a week, Saturday and Sunday. Business is good and we could be open a third night if we wanted to do that."

Gerald Bullard, the owner, says the drive-in, which operates two nights a week, could be open for a third night despite the economy.

Gerald Bullard gets the movies ready for the next night's showing while his dog, Ruby, roams the concession stand.

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  1. Wow been a long time since i was there last. I'm glad to see they're still there.