Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lightning over Enders Lake

Story and photo by Bruce Thorson

July 1, 2009, Enders Lake, Neb: A storm moved in over Enders Lake late Wednesday evening. Our trailer is not in this photo. This was taken from a bluff overlooking a small bay and beach, which has five trailers parked there. The storm started with only lightning flashes off to the west, northwest; then a slight sprinkle; now it is a full downpour and we were warned by the camp host to beware of hail.

Pulling in to the campground, I noticed the smell; that awful smell of something burning, like rubber. Tomorrow I'm going to try and "limp-in" my Chevy suburban to Imperial, Neb. The bearing on the A/C compressor is going out. There's a Chevy dealer eight miles from here, according to Google maps. I hope it's right. Until now the trip has been free of any mechanical malfunctions or breakdowns. I hope this is the worst that happens.

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