Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alliance faces

Photos and story by Kyle Bruggeman

July 15, 2009, Alliance, Neb: Photojournalism is about telling a story through a visual medium. Often times that story is summed up in a single frame, a frame that reveals everything without having to accompany a few paragraphs of text.

This submission is intended to try and reveal, or perhaps mask, some of those truths without revealing the subjects stories with accompanying text. See what type of personalities and traits as well as stories you might think these photos portray. Then read further down to see their story.

photo one

photo two

photo three

photo one: O.G. Smith, 73, is a retired military man. He has served in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. "I've killed many men in my life" says Smith, but by meeting him you wouldn't think he would hurt a fly. He's a genuinely friendly guy, and one of the few people that have approached me to talk instead of vice-versa. Photo taken in front of Smith's home in Alliance Nebraska on July 13th, 2009.

photo two: Micky Aruffo has been feeding people in need for twenty years. She and her husband Gene run a food pantry named Just Neighbors from inside their home. They work with anyone and everyone who is in need. "If a drug addict needs food, we feed em" says Aruffo "Everybody has to eat." Photo taken in Aruffo's living room in Alliance Nebraska on July 12th, 2009.

photo three: Macala Hood, 5, is just starting out in life. She lives on a ranch outside of Alliance where her family raises cattle and quarter-horses. Someday she too will have a story to tell. Photo taken at a local family event in the Alliance park on July 14th, 2009.

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