Thursday, June 25, 2009

A trainers life

Photos and story by Kyle Bruggeman

June 24th, 2009, Nora, Neb: Just about everything is sold on the internet today. That includes horses. You can buy a horse online from P.D. Jones, 61, or as he likes to be called 'Bud.'

Bud is a genuine and hard working man. He is albino and legally blind. Bud raises horses from a yearling, which is a horse of either sex that is between one and two years old, trains them for riding, and sells them when they are ready.

Bud was born in Superior, Nebraska but has spent a large majority of his life in Nora, Nebraska. Bud grew up on a farm where his grandfather was a horse trainer. He spent his days learning his trade and creating a place for locals to come and learn how to ride as well as participate in rodeos.

"Busines sucks" says Bud when referring to the last ten years, but as of today he's "glad to be sold out." Aside from selling horses, Bud also sells a horse-training-device called a Snaffle Bit Nose Piece that he uses while riding the horse.

Bud lives in a one person trailer with his dog Paris (pictured below). He likes living in Nebraska because he feels safe and it's where he can do his business best. See more of Bud's work on his YouTube channel at:

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