Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Photos and story by Kyle Bruggeman

June 23rd, 2009, Carleton, Neb: Cattle (Bos primigenius) are abundant in Nebraska. They graze across a majority of the states pastures and are one of the biggest industries Nebraska has. A majority of that industry is in beef. However, there are a few farmers who raise cattle for milk exporting. Bob Beavers is one such farmer.

Beavers runs a farm just north of Carleton, Nebraska. There he raises cattle from birth to be milked for human consumption. Such an industry is facing some difficult times. Beavers once sold his milk to Meadow Gold in Lincoln, Nebraska until they went out of business.

Beavers also farms corn, soy and alfalfa, which he uses mostly to feed his cattle. "It's difficult work" says Beavers "there's not many of us left" referring to the fact that many farmers have left the milk industry due to high costs.

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