Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life-changing day, part II

June 19, 2009, DeWitt, Neb: Nick Parry. Photo by Kayden Parry

Bruce Thorson and Kayden Parry do a little "arm" wrestling. Photo by Nick Parry

Story by Bruce Thorson

My arm was amputated in a motorcycle accident in 1971. I lost control of my bike going 65 mph. It was a narrow, winding and rural road in north San Diego county.

Going into an S-curve, I was going too fast. I was headed for the guy wire (a support cable) on a telephone pole. I struck the wire. The cable amputated my arm instantly, and I suffered a compound fracture of my right femur and broke both bones just above the wrist on my left arm.

Three years and over 15 major surgeries later, my doctor managed to put me back together.

After all that, I returned to Mammoth Mountain, California, where I had worked for a season prior to my accident, and started skiing again with one ski pole. I later became a ski instructor at Mt. Bachelor, Bend, Ore.

Going back to college some years later (I was an older, "non-traditional" student) I went into journalism and had a 25-year career in newspapers as a photographer, photo editor and director of photography.

Kayden, you'll do just fine. And Nick, happy Father's Day. You're doing a great job with your kids...Bruce Thorson

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